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8 Ways to Meet & Date a Millionaire in New York

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When you are on the hunt for a millionaire offline, there is no dearth of limitations that stand between you and your millionaire date. In order to meet and date a millionaire offline, you need more than just your car to take you to the right places and you will obviously have to do your homework in order to figure out the best spots where single and eligible millionaires hang out. The reason a lot of people today are intrigued for dating a millionaire is because they want to be able to afford the finer things in life and gain financial security in this current economy.

You can read about statistics online that will show that if you want to meet and date a millionaire, New York is probably the place you need to visit first off. The reason being that 1 in every 21 people in New York City is a millionaire! However, if you can’t really travel to New York and want to meet and date a millionaire offline, then here are 8 of the very best ways you can do that:

1.Catch Them Early
You will have to catch your millionaire early if you plan on dating them, which means frequenting all the bars and cafes that are located around tech and medical universities. This way you will be able to meet young doctors and IT geniuses, who are on their way to become millionaires. If you meet them young, they will also be less worried that you are only after them for their money and your chances of dating them will only increase. A large number of millionaires today came up with their millionaire ideas, when they were in universities, so go and catch them early.

2.Frequent Millionaire Hangouts
This means that you will have to visit all the most popular places where millionaires hangout than rich men dating site. This means going to nightclubs and bars in upscale areas, since you are more likely to run into a millionaire over there than in a café or restaurant. Get a list of the nightclubs where the rich and famous go to party and then try getting into those places to really open up your chances to meet and date a millionaire.

3.Go To Auction Houses
Millionaires love spending money on silly things, and one of their favorite past times is going to auction houses and spending an insane amount of money. Most millionaires are fond of collecting rare and expensive stuff, so brush up your knowledge and head over to some of the biggest auction houses. Most millionaires are going to spend a lot of money on vintage cars, old paintings, signs, vintage toys and even comic books. So make sure that you know all about those things if you want their interest and attention.

4.Go To Charity Events
Rich people also love donating money to charity and will often be seen at charity events and functions. It is great press for their business and themselves and they never miss a chance to show off all the good deeds that they are doing. However, make sure that you are well prepared and learn about the causes, which the charity supports and the different organizations that are sponsoring the event. This way you will have plenty of stuff to talk about and you may even make some friends and connections in the right places. You can even make a small donation of your own, so that you don’t end up with a guilty conscious at the end.

5.Get A Job In A Multi-National
Did you know that about 22% of all married couples met their spouse at work? This opens up all kinds of opportunities for people who are looking to meet and date a millionaire. Whilst dating your boss at a major tech company is not a great idea, it will allow you to meet and date a millionaire. Plus if you are really that determined, and you genuinely like the person, you can make it work.

6.Make Rich Friends
This is easier said than done, and you will have to frequent the right events and places in order to make rich friends. Some of the above mentioned tactics will help you meet some very rich and famous people and some of them may even be nice enough to set you up with an eligible millionaire friend of theirs.

7.Go To The Race Track
Millionaires love making bets and love sports as well. So why not visit the horse racing track once in a while. You are bound to meet some very rich and famous people over there and that means you are going to run into a millionaire sooner rather than later over there.

8.Go To Award Shows
If you are into celebrities and want to date a millionaire, then get some tickets to all the biggest award shows that are happening in your town. It will provide you with easy access to some of the elitist millionaires in the industry and you can even chill out and talk with the stars at the after party.

After all, if you'd love to meet millionaire online, millionaire dating sites or rich men dating sites could be a good choice.

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